Unite Finance

Unite Validator

Earning rewards by staking your ONE tokens is easy with Unite’s very own validator.

What’s a Validator/Delegator?

Harmony is currently made up of 320 seats for validators. You can earn staking rewards by delegating your ONE tokens to the UNITE Validator.
Note: Delegating is completely safe and the validator does not have access to your funds. It is all done via a smart contract.
When you delegate to a validator, you will start earning rewards if that validator is elected for the next staking epoch. Each epoch lasts 1.5 days.
If you want to undelegate your ONE tokens, the unbonding time is 7 epochs (10.5 days) from the last epoch the validator was elected. If you want to undelegate from a validator that has never been elected, the unbonding time is only 1 epoch (1.5 days).
Your rewards can be claimed at any time! 😁

How to Delegate and Stake Your ONE

First, you are going to need your to setup Metamask or Wallet which supports Harmony.
Fund your wallet with the amount you plan on staking.
Then go to Unite Finance Validator [👊💙] (you will see this page)
Click Delegate and you will be prompted by Wallet to select your account.
Enter the amount you wish to delegate and start staking your ONE in our validator!
Last modified 10mo ago