Unite Finance


To formulate a strategy, the holder must understand how the protocol works. Read here​
Different strategies make sense for different people based on their risk tolerance, their short & long term financial goals, and how actively or passively they want to manage their investment.
Based on your profile & style, you can choose your investment strategy:

Passive - Invest & forget 🏖️

Buy UShare, stake them in the boardroom, and sit back and relax. Your staked UShare will keep on getting you a share of all new Unite that are minted until Unite reaches peg. Get all benefits of governance and ownership rights in DAO & Launchpad with UShare. Once a week, or however frequently you like, take the earned Unite and sell part for profit and restake the rest.
Another option in "invest & forget" strategy is to use Unite Finance's Autocompounder, where you can easily make UNITE-ONE or USHARE-ONE LP pair (or both) and leave it in a vault, which will grow your amount of LP automatically selling the rewards and buying LP tokens. Hassle-free.

Active - Check in regularly 🌄

Buy UNITE and make it LP with ONE. Deposit LP tokens into UNITE-ONE farm to collect UShare reward. Stake UShare reward in boardroom to get UNITE. Sell some part of the UNITE for profit and restake the rest. Repeat regularly. Read more about it here​

YOLO - Full-time active trader 🧑‍💻

A full degen never stops. Buy low, sell high -- sounds easy? Many have failed. You can actively try timing the market and finding best combination of options when and what to stake/restake, buy and sell. Usually requires being glued to the screen as well as following overall market trends. This is for experienced traders only and not recommended if you do not know what you are doing.
Remember that you can change strategies as and when you wish, and distribute your holdings between Boardroom, Farm, and Autocompounders as you wish. Join our community (Discord & Telegram) and discuss there to learn how to further use “advanced” strategies
All the strategies are enhanced when you use the earned profits not just to sell and forget, but to restake back into the Unite Finance ecosystem. This is called the Harmonious Restaking strategy.