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Community Strategies (Over Peg)

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The following flow chart covers the main options you as an investor have to earn in Unite Finance while we are over peg.
Credits: Curious.One
Community Suggested Strategies
NOTE: The following is NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE. It is for education and entertainment purposes only.

The over pegged scenario by Gaius Marius

Basically what we need in an over pegged scenario is selling pressure of unite to regain normal peg. Unite offers several strategies to achieve peg again. Best way is a mix of the products they offer. My own strategie is following, i stake 50% ushares to gain Profit. 30% in the ushares-one lp pool to gain more ushares which i stake in the boardroom and have 20% in the ushare-one lp autocompunder. As the protocol slowly regains peg. I would change the lp pool to unite-one constantly to create buy pressure again for the protocoll. The accumulated shares stay in boardroom unless protocol falls beneath peg. Than it is bond time

Loan, farm & earn - repeat! by Curious.One

Explained very well using a custom flowchart and mind map. Check it out here ​

Even Split by Mstrhappyman

I'm doing everything even split... 1/2 farmed ushare from both LPs into boardroom. 1/2 into 1/4. Both farms and both compounds. Anything from the boardroom goes to profit. At this moment I am not collecting from both compounds, but will most likely use a percent from both to invest into both farms at a later time. Repeat.
Go to Strat by 0xBeerus
  1. 1.
    buy Unite, make unite/one lp, farm it, collect ushare reward, put it into boardroom, collect unite reward, split them, compound,
  2. 2.
    buy ushare, put into boardroom, collect unite reward, split them, make unite/one lp, farm it, collect ushare reward, compound into boardroom
Xmind map staking strategy by Emanuel Popa