Unite Finance


Compound your LP tokens hassle free every two hours at https://auto.unitefinance.io
One of the unique advantages of being in the Unite Finance ecosystem is our own auto-compounding vault, which is designed to maximise your earning potential.
Staking either UNITE-ONE LP or USHARE-ONE LP tokens in these vaults rewards you with more of the same LP (liquidity pool) tokens as the ones you have deposited. These deposits happen in the same yield farms that are available to everyone else on Unite Finance.
But here is where the auto-compounder magic steps in - every set amount of minutes, they harvest the USHARE that you’ve earned and sell a portion of it. The proceeds are then further used to mint more LP tokens on ViperSwap which are again deposited into the Unite Finance auto-compounder, further growing your allocation, all in an automated way.
Note that this is something that you can do yourself as well, but the autocompounder saves you from the trouble of having to do all this manually every day, by simplifying the whole process to just one click.
Both the UNITE-ONE LP and the USHARE-ONE LP pools pay rewards in USHARE: If you’re in the USHARE-ONE LP pool, 50% of your USHARE rewards are sold for ONE each time the protocol auto-compounds. If you’re in the UNITE-ONE pool, 100% of your reward is sold and used to purchase half UNITE and half ONE each time. Unlike the UNITE-ONE vault, the USHARE-ONE vault does not put any buy pressure on UNITE.

How to use the auto-compounder?

The following steps are applicable if you already have tokens in Unite Finance vaults and want to move them to the auto-compounder. If you are a new investor, you can directly skip to Step 2 and buy new LP tokens in the auto-compounder directly. Alternatively, you can use convenient zap feature, which makes investing even easier - described in section below.
Step 1: To put your LP tokens in the auto-compound vault, you have to take them out of the Unite Finance vaults. Go to the Farm page and click on the ‘Claim & Withdraw’ button for this.
Step 2: Go to https://auto.unitefinance.io/#/harmony to see the available auto-compounding vaults. In case you are a new investor, you can directly buy LP tokens from here by clicking ‘Buy Token’. We currently only have vaults with tokens of our own project, but we are actively partnering with more projects to add their tokens to our auto-compounder.
Step 3: Now that you have obtained LP tokens, click on Add Liquidity on your vault of choice.
Step 4: Deposit the amount of LPs you want to auto-compound. And then you just sit back & relax while your position increases with time.

Auto-zapper feature in autocompounder ⚡

"Zap" is a convenient feature that allows to create LP token, UNITE-ONE or USHARE-ONE in this case; and stake it in autocompounder using single asset, in a single transaction. You can easily choose, which asset you want to use by selecting it from drop-down menu (see screenshot below). You have a choice to use your UNITE/USHARE or ONE or WONE or, an already created LP token if you did that manually on ViperSwap.
Easy to use zapper
Zapper is especially convenient and advised to use:
  1. 1.
    For new investors, who have ONE or wrapped version WONE in their wallet;
  2. 2.
    And for existing investors, when you want to turn your earned rewards, either UNITE from Boardroom or USHARE from farms and "put them to use" in Autocompounder.
Using zapper "in the other direction", when you want to unstake from Autocompounder and receive back your investment, is just as easy: simply choose which asset or assets you want to get back after unstaking and confirm the transaction in your wallet.