Unite Finance


We believe an important step towards true democratization is ensuring that access to funds and capital is available to every nascent project in need of it. Unite Launchpad aims to provide access to projects in the Harmony ecosystem.
Each investment will be directed by members of the DAO, membership of which is dependent on owning $USHARE. An investment in a project is not limited to just financial support, but goes beyond to include the full support of the Unite Finance team in each facet ranging from community building, tokenomics design, and access to other investors.

Can everyone take part in Unite Launchpad?

Yes, the Launchpad is open to everyone who is on the Harmony chain. Assistance will be provided to the projects selected by DAO in the form of fund-raising, technical guidance, exposure to Unite’s investor base, tokenomics design and more. The Launchpad features a Fair Distribution with a tier-based allocation system based on the amount of Unite staked and burned prior to launch. This happens on a first-come first-serve basis combined with a maximum cap per wallet.

Why is Unite Finance doing this?

While our long-term vision of starting a Launchpad is to ensure the Harmony ecosystem is full of vibrant projects, the Launchpad is also the best way to ensure that Unite Finance continues to achieve high growth and keeps giving high returns to community members even after the peg is achieved.
Any VC fund gets successful by finding just a few ‘unicorns’, investments that explode and give massive returns in orders of 10x to sometimes even 1000x. And while traditional VCs rely on a small team of 5 or 10 people to find these lucrative opportunities, our community of DAO members removes that bottleneck by ensuring that diverse perspectives and networks can be leveraged to get investment access to the best and brightest projects that start in the Harmony ecosystem. And with both capital and the community user-base that Unite will bring to the table for any project, success almost becomes guaranteed.

How does it help Unite Finance investors?

Unite Finance is community-owned. All investors who hold $USHARE are DAO-members who will govern the investments that the Launchpad makes. And our united treasury gives us access to capital at a scale which will allow us to receive “preferential economics” - the best seat at the table during the token allocation of any new project. Thus, it just becomes a waiting game to see which one of the Launchpad’s investments takes off to the moon, and exponentially grows the DAO treasury, as well as your share of it.
Further details of the Launchpad will be revealed in the coming weeks.