Unite Finance

Unite For Harmony 👊💙

Show support for both Unite and Harmony
The goal of Unite Finance is not just to offer high APRs to our investors, but to become a beacon of stability and growth for the entire Harmony ecosystem. To represent the same, the Unite community uses 👊💙 on social media & social profiles.
The United Fist 👊 is made of 5 fingers which represent the following qualities:
Unity – Together we are strong. If we choose the best investment strategies and keep promoting Unite Finance on social media, then everyone will earn and grow. $100M or even $500M TVL and beyond is achievable if we stand united!
Nurture – Nurturing new talent and rapid development is key to ensuring long-term stability. We aim to always nurture talent & create new offerings and products. We also want to foster the innovation of the entire Harmony chain by incubating the best projects on our Launchpad.
Integrity – A community is strong as long as there is trust. We trust each investor to make correct decisions for the good of the whole community, and not act selfishly for individual, only short-term profit.
Technology – Robust, modern, and secure tech is the backbone of Unite. It’s just the beginning with Web3 technologies, we are exploring all cutting-edge developments to ensure that the Unite ecosystem keeps growing. We are committed to bringing the next generation of apps, defi, and even metaverse to Harmony.
Economic – The Unite Finance protocol always aims to result in profitable economic endeavors for all investors and will keep making yield optimizing products for the same.
The Unite ecosystem embraces the above points by following the Harmonious Restaking Strategy​
Show us your support by adding 👊💙 to your socials
If you are already a Harmony stan with a blue heart 💙 on your socials, then add a 👊 besides it to unite for Harmony and lend a helping hand to it.